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DC Movers LLC is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 866-676-4949. What you should expect from our service is polite, courteous workers who are attentive to your moving needs. We are eager to identify your concerns with the move. When we arrive we do a walk through with you to get an idea of what is being moved and to ascertain the best way to load your move. We then prepare every item for shipping. This entails the wrapping of your wooden and fragile belongings in furniture pads before they leave the house. Fabric furniture is shrink wrapped to prevent any dirt or moisture damage. Where necessary, floor and walls are protected with cardboard sheets to prevent scratches and smudges. These precautions are at no charge and part of every move. When finished you are given a total and the charges explained along with an invoice of the charges.

Making the decision to move can be difficult, but even more challenging is determining how you should pack your items. Bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and moving pads are known in the real estate industry as the best resources to help keep your things safe when you make your move. However, there are some instances where it’s best to use shrink wrap to protect your possessions. Here are five items that you must shrink wrap for moving.

Large Furniture

“Shrink wrapping can fit tightly around items and prevent moisture or dust from infiltrating them en route.”

Moving large furniture can be difficult, mostly because of size. Because of this, these items are subject to being scratched more often than others. Shrink

wrapping your furniture helps to protect it from damage while moving, and also ensures that there is minimal, if any, wear and tear on the pieces. Many people find that after shrink wrapping, it still is best to use moving pads. These offer extra protection when moving it in and out of your home.

Garage Items

If you are making a long-distance move, you often don’t have the luxury of hauling things in separate loads. Because of this, your greasy and dirty garage items will need to be packed in the same truck as your finer interior decorations. Shrink wrapping these items will ensure that the grease and dirt is contained, and that it won’t contaminate your other items. Keep in mind that garage items are often oddly shaped. This may require substantially more shrink wrap than other pieces.

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