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At DC Movers, LLC., instruments are our passion. To that end, we strive to maintain our status as Raleigh’s best piano movers. Our specialized services ensure your treasured keys stay intact and you have a pleasant moving experience from start to finish.

Our affordable rates and premium service is customizable to accommodate budgets of all sizes. Give us a quick call to request an estimate.

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Our specialist piano movers are well-versed in the safe transport of a wide variety of different piano types, including:

  • Grand pianos
  • Upright pianos
  • Digital pianos
  • Player pianos
  • ...and more!

We make it easy to relocate your cherished instruments. Our careful planning, logistic expertise, and secure moving services mean you can trust us to take your piano out of its current home and reinstate it somewhere new. We make safe intrastate deliveries to ensure high-value items like these are in the best hands for the job. After all, we're fellow piano enthusiasts, and that's part of what drives our passion for safeguarding heavy instruments during their travels.

Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about our qualifications and the steps we'll take to protect every part of your piano during transport.


We're serious about keeping your piano in top shape during its move, and you can rest assured we won't skimp on taking all the steps required to keep it in pristine condition throughout its journey. However, that doesn't mean we charge a premium. We offer competitive rates for our top-tier moving services. Our pricing reflects our commitment to keeping our services affordable.

Our transparent piano moving estimates include an itemized list of everything required to complete the move to perfection. Let's work together to preserve the value of your instrument and ensure it can go with you when it's time to move on to the next chapter of your life.

Precision Piano Moving Services

As music lovers ourselves, we go to great lengths to ensure your piano moving services go off without a hitch. To do this, we use nothing but the best packing materials and customized machinery and tools that allow us to make short work of packing and transporting pianos of all sizes.

Your piano is one of the centerpieces of your home. We understand the importance of carefully moving delicate musical equipment, and pianos are our specialty. Connect with us to discuss the details of your next move.

Rated the Best Piano Moving Company

From short distances to long hauls, we’re rated the best piano moving company in the city, and we take great pride in the reputation we’ve earned.

Developing long-term business relationships with our clients has allowed us to grow into the full suite moving service we are today. The following are just some of the reasons to partner with us:

  • We are licensed and dedicated logistics and transportation experts
  • We take our responsibility for your instrument very seriously
  • We provide timely service
  • We pack, load, transport, and unload pianos of all types
  • Our affordable estimates are second to none

Ask us how we can make your piano relocation an affordable and stress-free experience. Reach out today to consult with us.

4 Tips for Moving a Piano

Transporting a piano, even a short distance, is a delicate procedure. If not completed correctly, damage to keys, foot peds, and other components could cause irreversible problems and significantly lower the value of your investment.

Our experts recommend these top 4 tips for moving a piano:

  1. Use the correct moving supplies, including thick padding (which must be secured in place), straps, and an appropriately sized dolly cart.
  2. Be sure to measure doorways, stairways, and halls to make sure there is enough space.
  3. Enlist a group of strong people, preferably 4 or more.
  4. Don’t rush. Take your time to maneuver through tight spaces.

The important thing to remember when trying to move any large instrument is that careful planning and additional care really pay off in the long run. Without professional equipment, it can be a cumbersome experience that could result in unsatisfactory results.

To eliminate this possibility, pick up the phone and ask us for a comprehensive quote. We’re confident you’ll be impressed with our budget-friendly rates and top-quality service.


Some relocations call for moving a piano upstairs, and it's essential to entrust this work to movers with plenty of experience navigating the complexities of moving large instruments up a variety of different staircase types. That's where our team is unparalleled. We've made it our business to become the go-to local experts you can rely on for a full suite of customized piano transport services.

When planning to bring a piano upstairs, we'll consider several factors, including:

  • The weight and type of piano.
  • The piano's precise measurements.
  • The measurements of the stairwell, landings, and doorways.
  • The number of licensed movers required to complete the move.
  • The equipment required to protect the piano, the stairwell, and the movers involved.
  • The steps required to prepare the piano for transport.
  • The position each mover will take during all parts of the lift.
  • ...and much more!

Let us handle protecting your instrument, your staircase, and your peace of mind with all the right equipment and personnel to make light work of moving your piano over even the most complex terrains.


Don't dread trying to figure out how to make transporting a piano hassle-free. Let our seasoned professionals handle all the details on your behalf. We've spent many years refining our services and investing in the best technology and personnel so that when you're ready to make your next move, we're prepared to help you take your piano with you.

We know how important it is to ensure your piano arrives in top condition. Count on us for streamlined service that's stress-free, efficient, and cost-effective every step of the way.

Professional Piano Movers You Can Trust

DC Movers, LLC. specializes in treating your musical instruments with respect during short and long-haul moves. The depth of our experience in packaging and relocating delicate possessions is unrivaled.

We are Raleigh’s most reliable professional piano movers. Give us a call a (919) 416-1740 to request a detailed estimate.