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We are DC Movers LLC a fully licensed and insured moving company with offices in Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro and Charlotte. For us moving is a wonderful service to provide. We treat it like we are your doctor or lawyer. In our estimation very few services provided are more important than ours. We take into our possession your most important items and deliver them safely to their new location. Trust, if it’s important to you it’s important to us.

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We were established in 2000 by three industrious UNC-Chapel Hill students. Brian, Tank and Develynne. The three young men were approached by a man who did moving at their church. He asked if they knew anything about moving and if they wanted to help him. Develynne had been a manager for six years at a moving company before he returned to school and was very knowledgeable about all things furniture. Brian and Tank were young, strong and eager. After helping the man from church they decided to start a company themselves to pay for school and have a flexible schedule they could control. They moved fellow students and residence of Chapel Hill for the next two year. Upon graduation Develynne decide to continue the business. Twenty years later DC Movers has locations in four cities state wide and delivers quality service at budget friendly prices.

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